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Mitsui's Strength 3:Business Model for Growth That Balances between Trading and Business Management

Through our original business of trading, Mitsui has cultivated expansive networks comprising a wide range of clients and has leveraged these networks to carry out business investments. Mitsui gets involved in management of the projects in which we have invested in an effort to enhance their value. In turn, these projects help Mitsui further promote our trading business and expand our networks. Through the repetition of this cycle, Mitsui has developed our current business structure.

Our diverse pool of talented professionals work to combine the sophisticated product expertise that each business unit possesses with our regional expertise, which is supported by local employees who are active in regions around the world, and various functional expertise as a general trading company. In this way, these professionals are leveraging our long-cultivated client base and networks to create new business models and pursue new projects.

Unwavering Value Creation and Profit Growth

Unwavering Value Creation and Profit Growth

Overview The Functions We Provide

We provide the following functions to our clients, business partners, and investees in every country and region.

  • Create new markets by drawing on sales capabilities developed in extensive experience aligned with various business practices as well as our powerful information gathering and analysis expertise
  • Provide optimal logistics solutions in both transportation and cost efficiency
  • Offer and advise on various financial functions, from fund procurement and financial structuring to trade finance
  • Propose risk reduction and control by utilizing know-how accumulated over many years
  • Optimize business processes and revolutionize business models by utilizing AI and IoT

The World-Class Portfolio of Mitsui

Core Operating Cash Flow*

Core Operating Cash Flow*
Core Operating Cash Flow*

Strategic Partnerships That Lead to Attractive Projects

Strategic Partnerships That Lead to Attractive Projects

Integrated Report 2019

This integrated report was completed with reference to the following guidelines:

  • GRI (Global Reporting Initiative), Sustainability Reporting Standard
  • Ministry of the Environment, Japan, Environmental Accounting Guidelines 2005
  • ISO 26000 (Guidance on social responsibility)
  • IIRC (International Integrated Reporting Council), International Integrated Reporting Framework
  • Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, Japan, Guidance for Integrated Corporate Disclosure and Company-Investor Dialogues for Collaborative Value Creation
Guidance for Collaborative Value Creation