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Mitsui's Collective Impact

Mitsui's Equation for Value Creation

Mitsui has adopted shared goals with its business partners and clients, local communities, and NPOs and NGOs. Guided by these goals,
we are leveraging our strengths in unison with the strengths of these parties and
complementing each other as we work to resolve the issues facing industries and society through our businesses.
These efforts represent the Group's business approach, which has been passed down since our establishment,
as well as an indispensable equation for both Mitsui and society as a whole to be sustainable in the generations to come.
Mitsui possesses a diverse range of talent that can be considered "pros in specific business domains, regions, products,
and fields" in addition to a powerful business network. This is precisely what allows us to create unique synergies
and new businesses by combining our functional, product, and regional expertise.
During this process, we often create something from nothing, in numerical terms, "1" from "0," and by multiplying that
"1" with a series of "1's" from collaborating parties, we can achieve "10,000"—an exponential outcome.
In this way, we deliver a significant impact to industries, society, and the entire world, which far exceeds that of Mitsui acting on its own.

Tatsuo Yasunaga Representative Director, President and Chief Executive Officer

CEO Message CEO Message

We are a company that can bring together our capabilities across multiple business sectors.
As such a company, we are able to identify,
nurture, and grow potential new businesses in both new and existing sectors, even within
a world that is undergoing dramatic change.
Through this cycle of business creation,
we will make a further leap forward as a company.

Tatsuo YasunagaRepresentative Director, President and Chief Executive Officer

Integrated Report 2019

This integrated report was completed with reference to the following guidelines:

  • GRI (Global Reporting Initiative), Sustainability Reporting Standard
  • Ministry of the Environment, Japan, Environmental Accounting Guidelines 2005
  • ISO 26000 (Guidance on social responsibility)
  • IIRC (International Integrated Reporting Council), International Integrated Reporting Framework
  • Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, Japan, Guidance for Integrated Corporate Disclosure and Company-Investor Dialogues for Collaborative Value Creation
Guidance for Collaborative Value Creation