Contributing to the enrichment of people's lives by providing high value-added products and services that anticipate changing needs

Business fields

Real estate
Real estate development and leasing, property management, real estate solutions and real estate-related businesses
Life Essentials
Housing materials, woodchips, pulp and paper products, and industrial materials businesses
Brand marketing businesses, OEM (manufacturing products for other brands), and apparel and textile materials procurement

A stable supply of woodchips beginning with reforestation (02:09)

For stable supply of environmentally friendly materials, strengthen the value chain, from planting, processing and export

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Major activities

Continually seeking new business models that meet customers' future needs

With a declining birthrate and aging population, Japan's consumer market has reached a stage of maturity, driving significant changes in the expectations for quality in products and services, such as a growing demand for greater convenience and safety. Conversely, there are expectations for further growth in global consumer markets, both quantitatively and qualitatively, as a result of population increases, higher living standards, and lifestyle changes. The Consumer Business Unit will continue to cater to changing market and customer needs by continually seeking ways to create new business models through leveraging strong, long-standing partnerships with quality business partners, and strengthening existing businesses.

Focusing on global development in growth areas

In the real estate sector, we are expanding businesses in growth sectors and regions, such as in the development of office buildings and logistics facilities in Japan, office buildings and logistics and industrial facilities in Asia, and senior living facilities in the U.S.A. In the life essentials sector, in view of growing Asian demand for paper and heightened awareness for forest conservation, we are strengthening and diversifying our initiatives in the afforestation and woodchips business, such as securing a stable supply of certified afforestation-grown resources. In the fashion business, we are expanding in areas such as our OEM, apparel & textile materials procurement, and brand marketing.

Key projects

  • Senior living and property businesses (U.S.A.)
  • Office buildings (Japan, Asia)
  • Logistics and industrial facilities (Japan, China, Asia)
  • Woodchip processing, exporting, and related afforestation initiatives (Australia, Chile)
  • OEM, and apparel & textile materials procurement (Japan, global)
  • Brand marketing businesses (Japan and U.S.A)
360° business innovation

Enriching the Lives of American Seniors


  • Sanitary ware manufacturing business in India (01:51)

    Invests in TOTO India. Establishes a business platform for bathroom equipment and develops sales and logistics network

  • Global brand business (02:49)

    Well-established luxury apparel retailer Paul Stuart aims to follow tradition and enhance its the brand value