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Our Team is active in the marketing of a wide range of products from Basic to Performance to Nutrition & Agriculture addressed to a variety of industries.
We offer a full service and a diversified supply covering the major products in the Phenol, Nylon, Olefins, Chlor-Alkali and Polyester Chains together with Specialties. In Performance materials, we do represent highly reputed producers on global basis for the distribution of high performance products addressed to packaging, construction, rubber, compound/additives, automotive, aerospace, paper and composites industries.
We also act in nutrition and agriculture area thanks to the wide opportunities offered by our territory. A special attention is addressed to green technologies and bio-based polymers, which may develop in future.

Basic Materials

Category Product Description Country of Origin
Industrial chemicals and derivates Phenol, Bisphenol-A Pheonlic resin, Polycarbonate resin, Epoxy resin Germany
Industrial chemicals Methyl Meta Acrylates Resins etc Japan
Solvents MEK, MIBK, Acetone, PM Paint, coating industries Various
Urethan Raw materials MDI, TDI, NDI Polyurethane industry Various
Olefins Butadiene, IPM, ENB, DCPD Various plastic industries Various
Chlor-Alkali Caustic Soda Industrial processes and many industries: Pulp and paper, detergents, textiles, cleaners, etc. Various

Performance Materials

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Category Product Description Country of Origin
PVC Impact Modifier KANE ACE® B MBS impact modifiers for rigid and semi-rigid PVC applications Belgium
PVC Impact Modifier KANE ACE® FM Acrylic impact modifier for outdoors, durable applications. Belgium
PVC Processing Aid KANE ACE® PA Processing Aids for PVC Belgium
Hydrocarbon resin C5 QUINTONE® Hydrocarbon resin used as tackifier in adhesives applications Japan
SIS block Copolymer QUINTAC® Styrene-Isoprene-Styrene rubber used in hot melt adhesive apllications.
New grades suitable for protective film and elastic film extrusion
CHLOROPRENE Denka Chloroprene® Synthetic rubber with good mechanical properties and anti-ageing such as oil, ozone, lame and heat resistance. Application: adhesive, hoses, cables, belfs for conveyor, ridge bearing. Japan
Raw material base resin for sealants, adhesives and coatings MS Polymer® Silyl terminated polyether for adhesives/sealants for construction, DIY, industrial applications. Belgium
PMMA PARAPET® Acrylic molding material. Superior transparency, excellent weatherability, recyclability. Main applications are industrial parts, housing related goods, optical goods, sheet extrusion. Japan
POLYCARBONATE NOVAREX®, IUPILON® Transparent material excellent in dimensional stability, impact strength and electric characteristics. Application in components for the electronic, optical, automobile, medical equipments and sheet extrusion. Japan
Engineering Plastics Modifier KANE ACE® M MBS and Acrylic impact modifiers for PC, PBT, ABS and several blends. Our range of products include also matting agents and flame retardants for PC and PMMA. Japan and Belgium
Engineering Plastics Modifier TAFMER® MH Engineering plastics modifier: excellent compatibility with various engineering plastics (PA6, PA66,PBT); superb impact resistance at low temp., good chemical stability, excellent heat and weather resistance. Japan
Polyolefin Elastomer
(C2 based)
TAFMER® A, DF, H Flexible molding resin : softness, low density (lighter than EVA), excellent, non-halogen (PVC free). It can be used as an alternative to soft PVC or EVA without using plasticizer. Applications: Wire and Cable sector, foaming, compounding, film and sheet extrusion. Singapore
Polyolefin Elastomer
(C3 based)
TAFMER® XM Modifier for olefin-based resins (especially PP) :superb in modifying heat-sealability at low heat sealing temp., excellent transparency and surface gloss, good scratch resistance. Applications: BOPP film, CPP film, PP shrink film, PP sheet, transparent PP injection moulding. Japan
Polybutene-1 TAFMER® BL Polybutene-1: stable sealing strenght against wide range of sealing temperatures, semi-compatible with ethylene based resins (LLDPE,LDPE,EVA). It is used in packaging as sealant layer (easy peelable film) and for hot water pipes. Japan
EVOH EVAL® EVAL resin is mainly used as functional (gas) barrier in food packaging applications. Keeping oxygen out, the EVAL layer preserves the flavour and the quality of the food.It's also used in medical, pharmaceutical, cosmetic,agricultural and industrial pack as well as in underfloor heating pipe and plastic fuel tanks. Belgium
Adhesive Polyolefin resin ADMER® ADMER resin is a modified polyolefin, designed to bond to a variety of polyolefins, ionomers, polyamides, ethylene vinyl alcohol (EVOH), PET, polycarbonates, polystyrenes and metal. It serves as a tie-layer in multi-layer structures to combine the excellent properties of different materials, such as gas and moisture barrier resins. Germany
PP-based Elastomer NOTIO® NOTIO is a flexible, low density, transparent elastomer with excellent heat resistance. The resin is not cross- linked and demonstrates superior elasticity. NOTIO's crystalline and amorphous structure (morphology) is controlled at the nano scale, allowing for the realization of properties that cannot be achieved with conventional elastomers. Japan
METHYLPENTENE Copolymer TPX ® High performance resin, used for injection or extrusion. Excellent transparency, chemicals and heat resistance, peel ability, gas permeability, low refractive index, food-sanitation properties, steam resistance. Used for release paper, animal cage, chemical tubes, cosmetic caps, medical, small appliances and cable coating. Japan
Expanded PP/PE KANEKA EPERAN® Kaneka Eperan has great mechanical properties and chemical resistance. Available in a variety of densities and colors. Applications: shock, acoustic or thermal absorber for Packaging & Automotive parts. Belgium
Expanded PHBH KANEKA BIODEGRADABLE POLYMER PHBH® “KANEKA BIODEGRADABLE POLYMER PHBH™ is the first ever 100% plant-based biopolymer that shows both high heat and hydrolysis resistance in combination with flexibility. This bio-based PHBH is fully biodegradable and also the first marine-biodegradable polymer. Thanks to a wide range of properties, similar to PE or PP, it can be suitable for producing its foam, the expanded PHBH”. Japan
Antiblocking SILTON® Antiblocking agent based on Aluminia Silicate, used in PP-LLDPE-LDPE films (blown, cast, BOPP). Japan
Carbon Black Mitsubishi Chemical)
It's composed of fine particles consisting mainly of carbon. Applications: tires and rubber products. Japan
Titanium Dioxide ISHIHARA Pigments etc Japan
Carbon Fiber TORAYCA ® (PAN-Based)
Reinforcing fiber known for its light weight, high strength, and high stiffness.
Application: Automotive, aeronautical and space, industry, industrial, marine, sport & leisure.
Product types: yarn, fabric, prepreg, chopped and milled fiber.
Japan, France, USA
BOPP film coated LAMITACK® BOPP film coated with polyolefin resin used for thermal lamination and can be laminated onto printed paper, synthetic paper and plastic film. Japan
Acrylic Film SUNDUREN® High quality acrylic film providing excellent protection for roofing and exterior walls/profiles for which long-term durability is essential. Japan
PE FILM TAMAPOLY® Poly-ethilene film used in the production of dry film photoresist for printed circuit board (electronic industry), pv modules (inverters) and automotive (hybrid cars) application. Japan
Methacrylic resin sheet KYOWAGLAS-XA® MMA sheets for medical (X-ray tables; movable protection for surgery rooms) or industrial application (non-destructive control to check the integrity of the produts) Japan

Nutrition & Agriculture

Category Product Description Country of Origin
Fine Chemicals - Electronic Materials Bisphenol AF Fluorine elastomers Japan
Feed additives Additives for pigs and poultry Feed additives Japan