Mitsui & Co. Deutschland GmbH

Our Business

Innovation & Corporate Development

Our Innovation & Corporate Development Division works on a range of projects related to information and communication technology, logistics and finance that lead to the development of innovative businesses and the expansion of our business field. In addition, we offer specialized functions to Mitsui and its subsidiaries in order to strengthen and expand our business base and earning power.

Our Business Fields

ICT Business:

ICT Business

Building on our value-adding functionality, our strong customer base and expertise from our various global footprints, we use our business engineering capability for creating ICT-based solutions that add market value through creation and optimization of existing and next generation business. We are exploiting our potential based on our ICT experience and business relationships in different areas such as Green-IT, LED and OLED, E-Commerce, E-Payment, E-Health, etc.

Logistics Business:

Logistics Business

Naturally, the service we provide includes organization and coordination of shipping your product to your clients, wherever they may be located. By land, sea or air, Mitsui disposes of all the necessary means to guarantee the just-in-time delivery of your goods. Transportation is an essential part of the corporate organization and planning. Our Transport Management Services include comprehensive logistic analysis and consultancy.

Finance Business (*):

Through cooperation with our Mitsui Group Companies, we pursue a broad scope of finance related businesses.

Finance and Insurance:
We operate leasing, asset management and insurance-related businesses.

Principal Investment:
We make venture investments related to IT and healthcare, growth investments in next-generation businesses, and buyout investments that lead to the growth in the global economy.

Commodity Derivatives:
We generate revenue and provide clients with risk management/hedging tools through commodity derivatives in precious metals, non-ferrous metals, energy, and other commodities.

(*) In the EMEA (Europe, Middle East, Africa) region, this business field is mainly handled by our team colleagues in London.