Mitsui & Co., Ltd. East Asia Bloc

Our Business

Iron & Steel Products

The Iron & Steel Products Business Unit of Mitsui & Co., Ltd. is striving to become a leading company in the global steel market with a focus on two core business areas – logistics transactions and business investments. As a member of the Business Unit, the Iron & Steel Products Segment in China aims to play the role of a leading unit for creating new value by taking preemptive actions to capture the ongoing economic growth in China.

Mineral & Metal Resources

The Mineral & Metal Resources Business Unit strives to secure a stable supply of mineral and metal resources and to develop an integrated recycling business, while promoting business activities in an environmentally friendly manner.

Infrastructure Projects

The Infrastructure Projects Business Unit provides infrastructure necessary for economic and social development and creation of better environments.


The Mobility Business Unit leverages its integrated strengths as a general trading company (sogo shosha) to engage in the development of business in China in the areas of motor vehicles, industrial machinery, ships, aerospace, transportation, and others.

Basic Chemicals

As a member of the Basic Chemicals Business Unit of Mitsui & Co., Ltd., which focuses on two core business areas in the global chemicals market – providing logistics services and business investments, the Basic Chemicals Segment of Mitsui’s China Bloc has been making a wide range of contributions to the development of the chemicals industry in China.

Performance Chemicals

The Performance Chemicals Business Unit, in collaboration with the Basic Chemicals Business Unit, works to develop and expand businesses that can serve as links between growth industries that are closely related to the chemical industry.


The Energy Division of Mitsui & Co. (China) Ltd. takes advantage of the extensive global network possessed by Mitsui to engage in the development and promotion of the areas of business, with the aim of meeting the various needs of customers operating energy-related businesses in China, Japan and other countries.

Food Resources

Foods and Retail Business Segment of Mitsui’s China Bloc strives to provide a stable supply of a wide range of food items in all parts of the value chain, from upstream to downstream, in the Chinese market, while engaging in our businesses with the aim of offering a rich and varied diet to consumers that can cater to various lifestyles and food consumption structures.

Consumer Service

The Consumer Service Business Unit aims to provide high value-added services globally to improve people’s quality of life. We cover a range of industries, including medical and healthcare, services, real estate, housing and industrial materials, fashion and media.

IT & Communication / Corporate Development

The Innovation & Corporate Development Business Unit capitalizes on our IT, financial, logistics and insurance functions, and accurately captures the demands for environmental, safety, and other social needs in providing solutions to social issues in China, exploring new business fields and creating new business for the next generation.