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IT & Communication / Corporate Development

Business area

Business overview
  • IT related business:
    Creating value-added solutions that capitalize on information technology for the industrial and retail fields, IT related environmental business, and Internet related business (internet advertising, etc.)
  • Financial business:
    Commodity derivatives trading, principal investment, venture capital business, asset management
  • Logistics and insurance business:
    Global multimodal transportation, warehouse and distribution center operations, logistics engineering, ship chartering operations, insurance agency and brokerage businesses

Business overview

Leveraging our sophisticated IT, financial and logistics functions to create new business.

The Innovation & Corporate Development Business Unit capitalizes on our IT, financial, logistics and insurance functions, and accurately captures the demands for environmental, safety, and other social needs in providing solutions to social issues in China, exploring new business fields and creating new business for the next generation.

  • Information technology:
    As we brace for the new era of electric vehicles (EV), we have taken actions to actively respond to the new needs arising in society. As part of these efforts, we have acquired stakes in a lithium-ion rechargeable battery manufacturer (Tianjin EV Energies Co., Ltd.). We are committed to pursuing the development of next-generation business in China by leveraging the latest IT technologies in a wide range of areas, including the environment, health care, transportation, and safety.
  • Financial:
    As a general trading company (sogo shosha), we draw on our information network, proven record of business investments worldwide, and financial knowledge to engage in activities that can lead to corporate growth as well as the creation of new business. We pursue development of commodity derivatives trading, principal investing, asset management business, venture capital business (through Mitsui Global Investment), and investment fund management for agricultural business.
  • Logistics and insurance:
    We engage in international transportation, storage and delivery, and ship chartering operations which underpin our trading activities as a general trading company (sogo shosha). In recent years, we have launched e-commerce related logistics business (through Trinet Logistics Co., Ltd.), which is rapidly becoming popular, and business offering logistics services for fresh food, for which there is a growing need (Shanghai Jinjiang International Cold Logistics Development Co. Ltd.). We will endeavor to develop a logistics system with sophisticated functions to facilitate logistics demand in China, which is expected to increase going forward.

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