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Consumer Service

Consumer Service Business Unit Segment

The Consumer Service Business Unit aims to provide high value-added services globally to improve people's quality of life. We cover a range of industries, including medical and healthcare, services, real estate, housing and industrial materials, fashion and media.

Business area

Business area
  • Medical and healthcare
    Supporting pharmaceutical manufacturing, distribution and sales, wholesale and dispensing pharmacy operation, hospital operation and management in Asia, healthcare-related information services, and other long-term care related services
  • Services
    Contract food service, uniform rental, facility management, and overseas activities that include human resource placement, education, and franchising businesses
  • Real estate
    Real estate development, property management, real estate solutions and real estate-related businesses
  • Housing and industrial materials
    Housing materials, woodchips, pulp and paper products, and industrial materials businesses
  • Fashion
    Global procurement of apparel products, brand marketing businesses and e-commerce businesses in Asia
  • Media
    Broadcasting and TV shopping businesses in Japan and overseas

Business activities

All of our efforts begin with the customer. We carefully observe the many and varied needs of people and the changes in those needs and imagine many different future possibilities from that to make their lives richer. We would like to create and develop one business model after another that will provide new value to society in the domains closest to the consumer among the business segments of a trading company.