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1. Description of Foods and Retail Business Segment in China

With a population of more than 1.3 billion people, China is the largest market for food consumption in the world. Driven by its ongoing economic growth, the country's middle class will continue to expand at a dramatic pace in the future, creating a bigger than ever demand for more tasteful and safer "foods." Against this backdrop, the Foods and Retail Business Segment of Mitsui's China Bloc strives to provide a stable supply of a wide range of food items in all parts of the value chain, from upstream to downstream, in the Chinese market, while engaging in our businesses with the aim of offering a rich and varied diet to consumers that can cater to various lifestyles and food consumption structures.

2. Product lineup

Product lineup

Grain, oilseed, livestock feed materials, beverage ingredients (coffee, tea, fruit juice, etc.), dairy products, sugar, fishery products, processed meat products, processed egg products, processed oils and fats, spices and condiments, food additives, canned products, etc.

3. Business activities

  • Import, export, and domestic sale of various types of food and beverage materials
  • Retail support services
  • Business investments in areas related to the above