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Performance Chemicals

The Performance Chemicals Business Unit, in collaboration with the Basic Chemicals Business Unit, works to develop and expand businesses that can serve as links between growth industries that are closely related to the chemical industry. In particular, we place a focus on the following three areas: 1) "agricultural chemicals," where we aim to meet the global food demand which is expected to increase continuously in the future; 2) "performance materials," where we cater largely to the automobile, office automation, household appliance and other markets; and 3) "advanced materials," where we strive to provide solutions for the rapidly growing electronics industry covering semiconductors, flat panel displays (FPD), mobile phones, etc., and to promote businesses relating to solar cell components and materials, rechargeable batteries, and others. In addition, we actively engage in entering into strategic alliances with business partners to drive forward our operations. Further, we seek to venture into new areas of business in which we may be able to demonstrate our strengths in the chemical industry.

Product lineup

Product lineup
  • Agricultural chemicals:
    Sulphur, sulfuric acid, fertilizers, agrochemicals, etc.
  • Performance materials:
    Plastics, synthetic rubber, synthetic resin products, silicone and fluoride-related products, additives, catalysts, titanium oxide, etc.
  • Advanced materials:
    Liquid crystal display materials and products, semiconductor materials, printed circuit board and surface mounting materials, procurement logistics services for electronics device manufacturers, solar cell components and materials, rechargeable battery related businesses, etc.