Mitsui & Co., Ltd. East Asia Bloc

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The Mobility Business Unit leverages its integrated strengths as a general trading company (sogo shosha) to engage in the development of business in China in the areas of motor vehicles, industrial machinery, ships, aerospace, transportation, and others.

Business area

Business area
  • Motor vehicles
    Sale of motor vehicles, and added-value services catering to related areas such as auto parts, clean energy vehicles, auto parts logistics, and dealership operations
  • Industrial machinery
    Sale of injection molding machines, industrial machinery, other manufacturing equipment and metal processing machinery, and their peripheral equipment and parts, technical support services, and added-value services catering to related businesses
  • Ship business
    Sale and purchase of vessels, intermediary services for the sale and purchase of used ships, chartering vessels, and marine equipment, and vessel repair services
  • Aerospace
    Development of new business aimed at the leasing of engines, sale of engines, leasing of aircraft, sale of remodeled cargo aircraft, etc. in the field of aerospace in China, which has a high growth potential
  • Transportation
    Development of new business aimed at the exporting of electric rail car equipment, monorails, and other railway related products from Japan, and business outside of China in partnership with Chinese manufacturers

Business overview

Growing together with China's auto industry

In China's motor vehicle market, which is now the largest in the world, we are committed to contributing to the development of the automotive industry and market by fully capitalizing on our integrated strengths as a general trading company (sogo shosha), while drawing on Mitsui's knowledge that has been cultivated over the years in Japan, North America, South America and Asia with respect to automotive and automotive related business.

Responding to the diversified needs of our customers

In the field of industrial machinery, as a specialist of industrial machines and tools, Mitsui Bussan Machine Tec (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. (MMK), which is wholly owned by Mitsui & Co., Ltd., makes full use of its technical know-how to provide a wide range of machinery, equipment and services that can meet the needs of the market and our customers. In ship business, we strive to play a significant role in the area of ship repairs and participate in the capital of Chengxi Shipyard (Xinrong) Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of China State Building Corporation (CSSC group), which is one of the largest shipbuilding conglomerates in China.