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Mineral & Metal Resources

1. Description of the Mineral & Metal Resources Business Unit in China (the following text appears above the "Product lineup" section linked below)

The Mineral & Metal Resources Business Unit strives to secure a stable supply of mineral and metal resources and to develop an integrated recycling business, while promoting business activities in an environmentally friendly manner.

2. Product lineup

Product lineup

Iron ore, steel scrap, pig iron, reduced iron, ferroalloys, coal coke, petroleum coke, recycling and environmental solutions, copper, aluminum, nickel, cobalt, rare metals, titanium, molybdenum, non-ferrous metal products, non-ferrous scrap.

3. Business activities

1) Main business fields

  • Development and promotion of logistics businesses relating to mineral and metal resources, including export, import, and domestic trading
  • Formation of business investment projects in China in the area of mineral and metal resources
  • Development of businesses providing environmental solutions, such as the recycling of automobiles and waste electronics

2) Main investments

  • Erdos Electrical Power & Metallurgical Company Limited In alliance with the Erdos Group, a leading company with whom Mitsui has collaborated for over 30 years, we have established a joint venture in the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region through which we work to make forays into businesses that handle such chemicals as carbide and polyvinyl chloride, in addition to coal-fired power generation and ferroalloy businesses. Mitsui holds a 25% ownership in the joint venture.