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7th Mitsui Bussan Forum was held in June 11st, 2012

Jun. 28, 2012

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At first, Professor Massato Ninomiya initiated the event presenting a profile .of Mr. Yasutomo Morigiwa, a professor of Law School of Nagoya University and a speaker of this forum.Then Professor Morigiwa spoke on “The Law, Justice and Power in Japan”.

After describing the common misconception about Power, Justice and Law, Professor Morigiwa presented the correct opinion on them, showed a “new” concept of law, introduced“publicness” as a guarantee of its legitimacy and mentioned definition of justice since the “Corpus Juris Civilis”; the constant and perpetual desire to give each one his due.

As an example, the professor referred to the tradition in the poor ancient Japanese village of abandoning the elderly on a mountain to die. The person who was responsible to leave the elderly relative, due to lack of food in the village, had only two choices: obey the tradition or be punished for disobeying it.

He continued that i n ancient Japan, people were forced to make an unproductive choice between following the rules or not, because they thought justice only in individual level and they had a tendency to attach high value to self-sacrifice.According to Prof. Morigiwa, however, from the standpoint of public justice, the correct thing to do is to think how to “increase the productivity of the community to stop abandoning the elderly on a mountain.”

He ended the lecture by citing as an example Mr. Nishioka, sent by JICA to Bhutan, who supplied useful information to farmers for improving agricultural productivity there.

About this lecture, Professor Guilherme from Faculty of Law of University of São Paulo, as the moderator commented that if this happens in Brazil, Brazilian people will head off the rules, by “Brazilian way of doing things” and they wouldn´t behaved so tragically as Japanese did.

Professor Morigiwa, referring to the efforts of Mr. Nishioka in Bhutan, asked the audience to convey the concept of publicness of the law and justice and contribute into improvement of society.

img12.gif From the left: University of São Paulo Law School Prof. Ninomiya,
Nagoya University Prof. Morigiwa and Mitsui & Co (Brasil) S.A. President Fujii