Mitsui & Co. (Brasil) S.A.

Our Business

Consumer Service Business

Our main role in Brazil is to strive to contribute toward the creation of a new business model in our Consumer Service Business fields, and to provide increased value to the Brazilian society.

The Consumer Service Business Department envisions being a cohesive and dynamic organization committed to challenging and innovative new business models through learning from hands-on exposure to our clients, and to provide new value to the society in the domains closest to the consumers.

Our business fields include Medical & Healthcare, Housing & Industrial Materials, Apparel & Branded Products, Service and Real Estate.

1) Healthcare : Medical & Healthcare Business Segment

1) Healthcare :
  • Comprehensive services to support pharmaceutical companies from research and development (CRO) to manufacturing (CMO) and sales (CSO).
  • Administration of a pharmacy chain.
  • Operation management support to a hospital network.
  • Healthcare IT & health information related businesses.
  • Comprehensive services to support hospitals & long-term care providers.

2) Materials : Housing & Industrial Materials Segment

2) Materials :
  • Plantation & Woodchip business
  • Pulp & Paper business
  • Housing & Construction materials business
  • Industrial materials business

3) Fashion : Fashion Business Segment

3) Fashion :
  • Import & licensing business for domestic & foreign brands.
  • Support to apparel companies to develop global business together.
  • Production & procurement business for apparel products & fashion accessories.

4) Services : Service Business Segment

4) Services :
  • Contract food service business
  • Uniform rental business
  • Cleaning & facilities management business
  • Overseas expansion of service business

5) Real Estate : Real Estate Business Segment

5) Real Estate :
  • Real estate development business
  • Real estate management & solutions business