Activity Reports by Materiality

Protection of the Global Environment

As a corporation that operates across countries and regions around the world, we recognize the importance of giving consideration to impacts on the global environment and are furthering efforts to address these issues.

Respect for Human Rights

As a company with a diverse range of value chains in many countries and regions, we regard respect for human rights, including those of business associates and consumers, based on international standards as the foundation of sustainability management and are furthering efforts to address these issues.

Enhancement of Local Industrial Bases & Quality of Life

We recognize the importance of contributing to the lives of people in the countries and regions where we do business, with respect to the enhancement of quality of life, development of local industries, development of the educational environment, and the creation of employment opportunities and are furthering efforts to address these issues.

Stable Supply of Resources & Materials

The establishment of supply sources for resources, such as energy, metals, water, food resources, chemicals, and materials, as well as the stable supply of these resources and materials have become important social priorities because of demand expansion driven by population growth and the desire for a better standard of living, especially in emerging countries. We are furthering efforts to address these issues.

Corporate Governance & Human Resources

Corporate governance is the foundation for our efforts to make a continuing contribution to society through our business activities and maintain our status as a company trusted by society. We regard the enhancement of corporate governance and internal controls as key priorities, in addition to the fostering of human resources who support these efforts and constitute the foundation for all of our company’s business activities, and are furthering efforts to address these issues.