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Respect for Human Rights

Mitsui & Co.'s Approach

Being aware of our role as a member of the international community, we work to understand the culture, traditions, and practices of each country and region in which we operate. We are working to ensure there is no discrimination based on race, belief, gender, social status, religion, nationality, age, or mental or physical abilities, and take action to rectify labor practices that violate human rights. We are committed to the eradication of forced labor and child labor. We do not condone any form of child labor and are committed to following minimum working age laws wherever we operate. We are committed to complying with laws concerning slavery and human trafficking wherever we operate. Acknowledging that our responsibility extends beyond legal compliance within our own operations, we also work to ensure that human rights are respected in the supply chain. We are also contributing to the development of a society in which human rights are respected, by preventing the illicit use of personal information through implementation of countermeasures against increasingly sophisticated and devious cyber attacks and the resulting risk of the leaking of information that could be used to identify individuals.

Here you can find our “Anti-Slavery and Human Trafficking Statement”.

Anti-Slavery and Human Trafficking Statement for FY2016

Strategic Focus

  • Related Product Segment: Innovation & Corporate Development

Preventing illegal use of personal information by providing cybersecurity services for enterprises

In recent years, cyber attacks have become more sophisticated and ingenious, leading to an increased leakage risk for company-held data, including information identifying individuals. Such stolen data are actually being sold through sites on the so-called “dark web” which are not accessible by regular channels. In view of this situation, the amended Act on the Protection of Personal Information which took effect in Japan in 2017 introduced provisions that in principle prohibit the collection of information on race, creed, medical history, criminal record, etc. without the concerned individual's consent, in order to prevent unfair discrimination and prejudice. Such measures are aimed at strengthening the protection of human rights.

According to a survey conducted by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry in 2016, the number of information security experts in Japan is lower than it should be by some 132,000 people. This personnel deficit is projected to increase to 193,000 by the time of the Tokyo Olympics in 2020. The fostering of human resources capable of responding to cyber attacks is therefore an urgent issue. Also, compared to other countries, it is evident that Japan lags behind on this issue. As of April 2017, there were 75,312 persons in the U.S. with Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) credentials, an internationally recognized qualification, while there were only 1,720 such persons in Japan.

In order to address this issue, Mitsui Bussan Secure Directions, Inc. harnesses the expertise of highly skilled cybersecurity professionals to offer a wide range of solutions including vulnerability assessment, illegal access monitoring, high-level security platform implementation and management, malware analysis, and more. In addition, through the discovery and reporting of vulnerabilities in widely used products and open source products, along with technical analysis of malware with the potential to cause significant harm, we are aiming to proactively prevent attacks that exploit vulnerabilities and unauthorized use of personal information. By doing so, we contribute to the creation of a society where human rights are fully respected and protected.

Respect for Human Rights

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Activities for FY Ended March 2017

Business Area

    Machinery & Infrastructure
    Innovation & Corporate Development
    Corporate & Others

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Theme Business Area Business Activities
Support for International Standards
Machinery & Infrastructure
  • Maintenance and improvement of living environments and local job creation through global business activities relating to water, power generation, and gas
  • Support for the sale of RSPO (Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil) certified palm oil
  • Provision of healthy menu choices in employee cafeterias (operated by AIM Services), and donation of school lunches for children in developing countries through Table for Two International, a non-profit organization (approx. 570,000 meals donated)
  • Collection of letters of agreement with the Supply Chain CSR Policy from 5,012 Japanese and overseas suppliers by Mitsui Bussan I-Fashion (MIF), and addition of new provisions to the policy in FY2016, including the prohibition of employment discrimination, respect for the right of collective bargaining, and the prohibition of excessive working hours
  • Bluesign® certification obtained for outdoor apparel fabrics supplied by MIF, based on compliance with standards that include consideration for the environment, freedom of association, and labor health and safety, as well as the elimination of child labor, forced labor, and discrimination
Corporate & Others
  • Publication of an anti-slavery and human trafficking statement in response to section 54 of the UK Modern Slavery Act 2015. (Mitsui, affiliated companies)
  • Continuation of an agreement with the Biratori Ainu Association and the town of Biratori in Hokkaido, providing for cooperation in efforts to ensure that Ainu culture is protected and handed down to future generations through Mitsui's Forests, and signing of a related agreement with the Iwor Forest Development Group of the Nibutani Craft Cooperative Association, providing for cooperation in the development a forest environment for traditional Ainu cultural activities in the Mitsui-owned Saru Forest
Promotion of Management for Human Rights
Corporate & Others
  • Collection of a commitment to comply with the Business Conduct Guidelines for Employees and Officers and the Standards for Discipline of the Employment Regulations from all the applicable employees and officers
  • Implementation of compliance tests (e-learning) for persons who have not yet completed this process
  • Implementation of Compliance Review Week activities, including the dissemination of messages by the President and COOs, etc., as well as seminars, information-sharing, and discussions
  • Implementation of the Compliance Awareness Survey (for domestic employees and officers). Formulation and implementation of compliance activities based on the results of the Survey
  • Formulation of the plans for compliance activities for FY2017 based on the review of FY2016 activities undertaken by the Compliance Committee (twice annually)
  • Attendance at compliance meetings and seminars implemented by regional business units, etc.
  • Promotion of compliance-related activities at overseas subsidiaries and affiliated companies, in line with initiatives by the parent company
  • Visits to key affiliated companies to provide advice on the development and operation of compliance activities
  • Conveyance of alerting messages about compliance (via intranet, meetings, etc.). Sharing information about actual disciplinary cases through reporting lines
  • Improvement of the effectiveness of expert advice about environmental and social risks provided through the Environmental & Societal Advisory Committee

Anti-Slavery and Human Trafficking Statement for FY2016

Mitsui & Co., Ltd. and its affiliates have published an Anti-Slavery and Human Trafficking Statement for FY2016 in response to section 54 of the UK Modern Slavery Act 2015.
Please refer to the following link for details.

FY2016 Anti-Slavery and Human Trafficking Statement (394 KB)

Sustainability Report 2017

P.40–43 “Respect for Human Rights” (PDF 186KB)

More detailed information can be found in our Sustainability Report.