Corporate Governance & Human Resources

Human Resources to Translate into Assets

We regard our employees as one of our most important stakeholders. Our human resources are Mitsui & Co’s most important asset. We have developed a variety of human resources development programs with the aim of training highly creative people not only with business skills and know-how but also with essential qualities such as integrity, ambition, humility, gratitude, and diligence to contribute to a better society. We are also promoting diversity further, including expanding opportunities for female employees.
Our goal is to create an environment in which all employees are motivated to work with vitality and achieve growth as the company grows.

Initiatives for Human Resources

Mitsui & Co., with its long history and traditions, has held the belief that human resources are its greatest asset and has always maintained its objective of training and developing human resources who can contribute to society. This is where the phrase "Mitsui is people" came from. To implement its management philosophy and to realize one of its mission statements, "We're building a better future for people and planet", Mitsui considers it most important to continue to raise the quality of individual personnel through human resource training and development activities.

Promoting Diversity Management

Mitsui & Co. promotes diversity management in which employees with diverse backgrounds, including such factors as nationality, gender and sense of values, tolerate and stimulate one another, thereby generating new values in business and creating innovations to enhance the competitiveness of the company.

Occupational Health, Safety and Work Environment Initiatives

Employee is the most important asset for Mitsui & Co. We implement measures to ensure a work environment where our employees can exercise their abilities to the full and work in safety and good health, unaffected by changes in the social and business environment. We will implement initiatives to firmly establish a structure to promote health management of our employees and respond to emergencies, such as accidents and disasters, as well as to energize the work environment.