Corporate Governance & Human Resources

Occupational Health, Safety and Work Environment Initiatives

Core Principles

Employee is the most important asset for Mitsui & Co. We implement measures to ensure a work environment where our employees can exercise their abilities to the full and work in safety and good health, unaffected by changes in the social and business environment. We will implement initiatives to firmly establish a structure to promote health management of our employees and respond to emergencies, such as accidents and disasters, as well as to energize the work environment.

Health Declaration

Recognizing that good health of employees is Mitsui & Co.'s great asset, we formulated the Health Declaration below.

Health Declaration

September, 2017

Employees are irreplaceable assets for Mitsui & Co. We regard health management for our valued employees as a vital management priority, and we will implement the following initiatives with the aim of helping our employees to maintain and improve their health.

  1. We will create safe and comfortable workplaces in which employees can work energetically and in good health.
  2. We will help our employees to work in the spirit of “challenge and innovation” by supporting their health management and sustainably enhance our corporate value.
  3. We will help employees to raise their awareness of the need to maintain their own health and to take the initiative in maintaining and improving their mental and physical health.

Tatsuo Yasunaga

Representative Director

President and Chief Executive Officer

Mitsui & Co., Ltd.

Health Declaration

Health Declaration

Health Promotion Committee

In February 2017, Mitsui & Co. launched the Health Promotion Committee under the basic policy of (1) promoting “Health and Productivity Management”, which regards health management as a management priority and (2) maintaining and enhancing the employees’ health through implementation of “Health and Productivity Management”; and (3) improving the company’s productivity. As part of our “collaborative health” program, through which we aim to implement effective measures in enhancing employees’ health under a partnership between the health insurance union and the company, Mitsui & Co. (members composed of Representative Director, Executive Vice President, Executive Managing Officers, Human Resources & General Affairs Medical Clinic Dept., Industrial physicians and other healthcare professionals) and Mitsui Bussan Health Insurance Society will work together to plan and decide policies aimed at maintaining and enhancing employees’ health, and execute these policies.

Employee Health Management

We have established a clinic in our Tokyo Head Office and a medical treatment room in the Osaka Office. The clinic in the Tokyo Head Office covers a diverse range of specialist areas, including internal medicine, surgery, ophthalmology, E.N.T. and radiology, and is equipped to provide medical consultations for employees. It also provides comprehensive medical examination and medical check-ups for employees who are about to travel overseas or have returned from overseas assignments, as well as inoculations. In addition, managerial dieticians help employees to avoid lifestyle diseases and metabolic syndrome by providing nutritional guidance. We have also enhanced support for female employees through the establishment of women's and motherhood health advisory service allowing access to individual consultation with female doctors.

We provide useful health-related information as well as guidance on access to various types of health advice via the intranet. Employees can also view their own health check histories.

Also, for the sake of the health preservation of employees, we hold a monthly Hygiene Committee composed of members recommended by management and labor, and discuss ways to improve working environment, ways to develop an appropriate framework, and other related matters based on the advice provided by qualified industrial physicians and hygiene experts.

We also place great importance on health management for both employees stationed overseas and their families. Consultation services are available at any time if employees on overseas assignment or members of their family experience physical or mental health issues.

Inoculations and medical check-ups are provided for employees and their families before they leave for overseas assignments. They also participate in training programs about health management while overseas, including the prevention of infectious diseases (such as Tuberculosis, Malaria, Dengue fever and etc.) and the maintenance of physical and mental health. These programs are designed to raise each individual's awareness of health management, and to provide information about access to medical services and support systems while overseas.

We also support health management for employees working overseas, and their families, in partnership with emergency health care service companies.

Mental Health

Under Mitsui & Co.’s Mental Health Promotion Plan, employees are able to obtain advice easily and at any time via a dedicated consultation service. Through consultations with health nurses and industrial physicians, employees can receive support that meets their individual needs. Employees also have access to counseling by specialists at the company clinic. In addition, we have established outside advice lines through which not only employees, but also their families can seek advice anonymously via telephone and email, or arrange consultations.
In addition, we carry out stress checks with the following aims: (1) measuring the level of employees’ stress in order to raise employees’ awareness of their own stress levels, (2) linking this to improvements in the workplace environment, and (3) preventing mental health problems (primary prevention).

Mental Health Promotion Plan (formulated on May 1, 2016)

Mitsui recognizes that the mental health of its employees is an important priority issue in order to promote happy lives for its employees and their family members, to increase productivity at the company, and to develop lively workplaces.
Accordingly, we will promote mental health initiatives, not only in terms of dealing with mental health problems, but also in a broader sense, including measures to revitalize workplace communication, etc.
We have set the following targets to be achieved in the five-year period to FY March 2020.

  1. All employees, including managers, shall understand mental health issues, and become able to fill his or her own role in promoting mental health.
  2. Fully establish and permeate the stress check system.
  3. Achieve a ratio of 100% of employees undergoing regular health consultations.

Health-related Training and Seminars

In addition to mental health training for line managers, as well as training for health management overseas, and health management training for new-graduate employees as they become independent business persons for the first time, we also hold other health-related seminars as part of our efforts to build an organization with a high level of health literacy.

* Results in FY17/03 (number of attendees in parentheses): Mental Health Training for Line Managers (159); Managing Health Overseas (369); Health Management as Business Persons (187); A Paradigm Shift in Nutritional Science – The Truth Behind Sugar Restriction (100); Having a Good Relationship with Alcohol (58)

Medical Examinations

Regular medical examinations are implemented in-house at multiple times to make it easier for employees to take such medical examinations. We are working to ensure the prevention or early discovery of lifestyle diseases and other conditions, and to provide enhanced advisory services through a fine-tuned approach that includes comprehensive medical exam at outside medical institutions for employees aged 35 and older under a program operated collaboratively with Mitsui Bussan Health Insurance Society. Also in collaboration with Mitsui Bussan Health Insurance Society, we provide special health maintenance advice to employees aged 40 and older.

The Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry has established a system to recognize large enterprises and SMEs that carry out particularly outstanding health and productivity management. Under the system, Mitsui & Co. received accreditation in 2017 as a Certified Health and Productivity Management Organization.

Working Hours Management

To reduce total working hours, we have periodically created and distributed status reports of each division on overtime working hours and remaining annual paid leave so as to reduce overtime hours and encourage taking annual paid leaves, including use of the planned leave system. We set a target of achieving the acquisition rate of annual paid leave as 70% or higher by fiscal year 2020. Further, we provide guidance about proper labor management and raise awareness, especially to managers through training session. We also provide access to on-site medical advisors for employees whose overtime working hours exceeds a specific limit and develop proposals for improving the situation, based on the Occupational Health and Safety Law of Japan, which leads to reduce total working hours and prevent health problems.

Paid Leave Taken Days and Usage Ratio (Non-consolidated)

Security Management

Mitsui & Co. promotes various kinds of businesses through its 137 points of global operations (as of April 1, 2017), and a large number of employees go on a business trip to many parts of the world almost every day. It is one of the most important tasks for the company to ensure the security of employees and families home and abroad.

In cooperation with domestic and foreign offices, and security companies concerned, Mitsui obtains and analyzes the latest situation about politics, the peace and order of each place changing every day, and shares such information with the related staff, in order for the employees to raise awareness of the security.
Mitsui has also prepared the system corresponding to the situations such as accidents, injuries, and diseases, in cooperation with emergency health care service companies.
For the employees, as well as families, who will be dispatched to the overseas, the company has the programs for security measures.

Assuming a large-scale disaster, Mitsui regularly performs trainings for Business Continue Plan placing human life as a first priority, and the company makes efforts to raises the crisis response capabilities by solving problems extracted through the training.

Joint Efforts with Labor Unions

To create an environment in which each and every employee is able to work energetically and in which the employees and company can continue to grow together, we actively discuss a variety of common issues with the Mitsui & Co. Labor Union. Mitsui & Co. also holds labor-management dialogue to confer on, business activities and plan, various personnel-related systems and human resources development, and provides a venue for exchanging views on a variety of matters with managements in each Branch and each Business Unit (in total twelve times in 2016), with the aim of maintaining a healthy and cooperative relationship between management and labor.

Promoting Internal Communication

With the aim of making Mitsui & Co. an even more vibrant, dynamic, and vigorous company, we actively create opportunities for dialogue between the management and employees. For some time, we were regularly holding so-called Active Talk Wednesday (ATW) sessions as employee gatherings, with the aim of stimulating internal communication. The way in which ATW is conducted was partially changed in 2016, and “New ATW” dialogue sessions, with a greater focus on stimulating communication between management and employees, were held at the Head Office 7 times in Fiscal 2016. In addition, Kurumaza (roundtable meetings), where the president meets with employees for open discussions, was held on 30 occasions at the Head Office and also took place at 6 domestic offices and branches and at overseas offices in a total of 26 countries and regions. By sharing management’s thoughts and ideas from a variety of perspectives and bringing together the opinions and thoughts of employees through face-to-face meetings, we will endeavor to create an organization with an atmosphere of openness.