Promoting Diversity Management

Career Development Initiatives for Female

Career Development Initiatives for Female

We regard career advancement for female as a particularly urgent priority under our diversity management policy, the aim of which is to enhance corporate competitiveness by realizing the full strategic mobilization of its diverse workforce. We strive to develop an environment in which female employees can reach their full potential, implementing initiatives for human resources development and their career advancement. Under "Voluntary Action Plan on promotion of women to managerial and board position", we set a target to increase the number of female managerial staff from 67 as of July, 2014 to 201 (more than three times) by FY2020.

Nadeshiko Brand

Mitsui & Co. has been selected as a 2018 Nadeshiko Brand company by the Japanese Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) and the Tokyo Stock Exchange (TSE) for its proactive efforts to support women to play more active role in the workplace. Including being selected as a Semi-Nadeshiko Brand last year, this is the fourth year running that Mitsui & Co. has been recognized as a Nadeshiko Brand.

[Nadeshiko Brand]
Since FY2012, METI and the TSE have been jointly selecting outstanding TSE-listed enterprises that encourage women's success in the workplace in order to introduce them as attractive investment options, as Nadeshiko Brands, to investors who put emphasis on improving corporate value in the mid and long term.

In evaluating and selecting candidate enterprises in the FY2017 initiative, METI and the TSE will focus on the current progress in initiatives for encouraging women's success in the workplace that actually contribute to their business achievements, as well as the quality of the initiatives themselves, looking for a commitment that is not preoccupied with superficial measures.
(From the website of Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry)


On September 30, 2016, Mitsui & Co. was awarded 'Eruboshi' status by the Japanese Minister of Health, Labour and Welfare. The Eruboshi system is based on the Act on Promotion of Women's Participation and Advancement in the Workplace (Promotion of Women's Career Activities Act) promulgated on April 1, 2016. Out of the companies that submit to the scheme, only those that meet certain standards and are shown to be leading in areas such as the implementation of initiatives to promote women's activities receive designation. There are three classes of Eruboshi certification, and Mitsui was awarded Class 2.


Training for female business staff (career-vision training)

This training is provided for female business staff during their 5th through 7th years after entering Mitsui & Co. The most important aim of the training is to help participants to prepare for the diversification of options in anticipation of life events and other factors by developing specific ideas about their future career paths through dialogue with senior executives and discussions with colleagues working in the same environment, so that they can build long-term careers with Mitsui.

Female mentor system

The female mentor system has been introduced to provide a venue for helping female employees learn about the significance of working for Mitsui, and discover new ideas about career formation, through communication with more experienced female coworkers. The system provides a way to seek advice about matters ranging from minor problems relating to day-to-day activities to career planning. A wide range of female employees are selected as mentors from those who have worked overseas, have experienced various life events, and are active in frontlines in the sales divisions or as secondees. Employees can choose their mentor depending on the type of advice that they need (Mitsui has also established mentor systems for non-Japanese employees and young employees).

Diversity Cafe

The 21st session of Diversity Cafe in progressThe 21st session of Diversity Cafe in progress

Accompanying changes in the social milieu, such as a greater diversity in people's sense of values, the number of dual income households where husbands and wives both hold jobs, and the demographic aging of the population, there has been an increase in the number of employees seeking new kinds of career paths and wanting to maintain a balance between their work and their private lives. We provide venues such as the Diversity Cafe for employees to come together and have the opportunity to learn from each other's experiences and to discuss and share information on matters of common interest. The theme for discussion in 2016, mainly for our female employees, was "The experience of Administrative Overseas Trainees".

Childcare and Family Care Support

We support the concept of "Work-Life Management" in which individual employees fulfill their responsibilities in their personal lives and maximize their potential and play a greater role in their work. As part of our support system, in addition to the existing leave system, we have introduced systems of shortened and staggered working hours to help employees balance their work life with childcare and family care needs. From 2007, we started to provide partial pay for childcare leave, thereby creating an environment that has encouraged male employees to take childcare leave. Furthermore, to support a smooth return to work, we have contracted with an outside nursery school located near the office and offer childcare services to employees. Before returning to work, a three-party meeting is arranged between the employee, his or her supervisor, and staff from the Human Resources & General Affairs Div. This way, the employee receives advice about career planning and learns about the support systems available to facilitate the balancing of work and caring for children. From fiscal year 2016, in addition to existing measures, in the area of childcare we started providing partial support for the expense of a baby-sitter. In the area of family care, we conducted a questionnaire on the balancing of work and family care. Based on strong request form employees, we also distributed a handbook aimed at assisting employees in balancing work and family care and held explanatory sessions on the company's family care system, as well as seminars on family care to provide information to help employees establish the balance between work and family care. As a result of this series of policies and initiatives, we have been recognized three times (for fiscal years 2008, 2011, and 2015) by Japan's Minister of Health, Labour and Welfare as a company that is actively providing childcare support with respect to caring for children.

Kurumin logothree stars
Kurumin logo
The "Kurumin" logo may be placed on the products of businesses that have been officially recognized by Japan's Minister of Health, Labour and Welfare as actively providing childcare support. The logo shows an infant safe and sound, wrapped in a protective blanket, which represents the concern and care of the workplace and society.

Work-life Management Support Systems

Work-life Management Support Systems

Employees Taking Childcare or Family Care Support

Performance data related to childcare or Family care

Re-employment system for ex-employees who had to resign due to the transfer of their spouse

A re-employment system was introduced in 2007 that enables employees who had to resign from Mitsui & Co. due to the transfer of their spouse to become re-employed.

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Year of Retirement/Registration Number of registered ex-employees
Business staff Administrative staff Total
2007 (FY08/3) 1 6 7
2008 (FY09/3) 3 3 6
2009 (FY10/3) 2 4 6
2010 (FY11/3) 3 1 4
2011 (FY12/3) 2 1 3
2012 (FY13/3) 4 5 9
2013 (FY14/3) 3 7 10
2014 (FY15/3) 3 16 19
2015 (FY16/3) 7 11 18
2016 (FY17/3) 5 11 16