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Corporate Governance & Human Resources

Mitsui & Co.'s Approach

In order to maintain our status as a company trusted by society, we work to maintain effective governance, ensure fair business practices, and prevent corruption. We review working styles from the perspectives of productivity and efficiency, while creating an environment in which diverse individuals can reach their full potential. In this way, we will enhance our corporate competitiveness. Moreover, to strengthen the driving force of Mitsui & Co., we will further demonstrate our integrated strengths and our ability to connect at an even greater magnitude, and develop human resources capable of taking responsibility for global group management equipped with the capacity to create businesses that would make a meaningful contribution to the society.

Strategic Focus

Realizing diversity management by building an environment in which individual employees can fully display their abilities

In a business environment where global competition is further escalating, a wide palette of human resources with diverse values is required in order to respond to various changes as a general trading company and seize risks as business opportunities.

From this perspective, Mitsui & Co. has been actively attracting human resources from diverse backgrounds, including nationality, gender, and sense of values. Our diversity management aims at improving corporate competitiveness by bringing new value to the business and creating innovation through the dedicated efforts of our employees.

In order to realize these goals, we designated 2016 as “year zero for work-style innovations”. We are reviewing conventional work styles from the points of view of efficiency and productivity and are actively introducing new patterns and initiatives where appropriate. While referring to the data reported in the “Employee Opinion Survey on Work Styles 2015”, we made workplaces and time allocation more efficient in the fiscal year ended March 2017 by introducing such initiatives as annual paid leaves on an hourly basis and mobile work, and we also implemented on a trial basis an individual-based staggered working hour scheme.

We will continue to conduct periodical surveys and use the results to implement improvements and enhance productivity according to the plan-do-check-act (PDCA) cycle. We also plan to introduce various other measures so as to build a workplace environment that, through the realization of varied work patterns with high levels of efficiency and productivity, enables employees to engage in their jobs with greater motivation and dedication, thus strengthening the competitiveness of the company as a whole.

Corporate Governance & Human Resources

From Mitsui Employee Opinion Survey on Work Styles 2016

Activities for FY Ended March 2017

Business Area

    Machinery & Infrastructure
    Innovation & Corporate Development
    Corporate & Others

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Theme Business Area Business Activities
Corporate Governance & Internal Controls
Corporate & Others
  • Implementation of highly transparent disclosure of information and disciplined employee conduct related to internal controls
  • Implementation of assessment of the effectiveness of the Board of Directors in response to the adoption of the Corporate Governance Code
  • Full explanation of business plans, results, management strategies, etc. for FY2016 as an integral part of communication with investors
Reinforcement of Sustainability Governance
  • Utilization of a food safety management database to strengthen the traceability of food and food products, and to ensure strict safety controls
  • Improvement of food hygiene knowledge, and continual implementation of food safety awareness-raising activities through the holding of committee meetings and seminars for employees (11 of each type of event)
Corporate & Others
  • Based on the Specially Designated Business Management System, promoting the business with potential-risk analysis related to the environment, society, and governance, and implementation of measures to increase the internal penetration level of the System and the level of understanding at the business frontline
  • Increase in the applicability of expert advice on environmental and social risk management issues through the work of the Environmental & Societal Advisory Committee
Compliance & Risk Management
  • Reinforcement of compliance through the implementation of e-learning programs, questionnaire surveys, and other initiatives in collaboration with affiliated companies
Corporate & Others
  • Reinforcement and development of the risk management framework by carrying out drills arranged by the Emergency Response Headquarters pursuant to the Rules on Safety Measures
  • Collection of a commitment to comply with the Business Conduct Guidelines for Employees and Officers and the Standards for Discipline of the Employment Regulations from all the applicable employees and officers
  • Implementation of Compliance Review Week activities, including the dissemination of messages by the President and COOs, etc., as well as seminars, information-sharing, and discussions
  • Implementation of Compliance Awareness Survey (for domestic employees and officers). Formulation and implementation of compliance activities based on the results of the survey
  • Formulation of the plans for compliance activities for FY2017 based on the review of FY2016 activities undertaken by the Compliance Committee (twice annually)
  • Promotion of compliance-related activities at overseas subsidiaries and affiliated companies, in line with initiatives by the parent company
  • Visits to key affiliated companies to provide advice on the development and operation of compliance activities
  • Formulation and publishing of the MITSUI & CO., LTD. Anti-Corruption Policy
Human Resources to Translate into Assets
Human Resources Development
Corporate & Others
  • Changes to existing assessment systems to ensure that such aspects as achievements and new business challenges are fairly reflected in assessments
  • Cross-organizational reallocation of human resources to drive initiatives of high strategic significance (approx. 40 people)
  • Reinforcement of recruitment advertising with the aim of securing diverse human resources, and implementation of employee-led recruiting events (over 200 times, more than 400 employees involved); continued strenuous efforts aimed at recruiting global human resources including new graduates, midcareer hires, global staff, Ph.D.-level personnel, etc.
  • Continuing implementation of various programs designed to strengthen global human resources development (approx. 1,300 participants in total)
  • Streamlining and value enhancement of human resources development programs aimed at creating new business.
  • Provision of training programs to group companies, and regular implementation of human resources information sharing meetings for group companies, with the aim of strengthening global group management (2 meetings, 103 participants from 62 companies)
  • Implementation of summer and winter internship programs to offer interns working experience (3 programs, approx. 150 participants)
Promoting Diversity Management
Corporate & Others
  • Implementation of initiatives to enable our diverse human resources to take on more active roles
    • Continued implementation of the employee opinion survey on work styles, and promotion of Work Style Innovation initiatives, such as the introduction of the annual paid leave on an hourly basis and a mobile work system, a trial of individual-based staggered working hours (Head Office and domestic branches and offices, 1,400 participants) (the decision was made to introduce this system formally at the beginning of FY2017), and establishment of a dedicated work-style innovation intranet page
    • Diversity management training for managerial staff (Head Office and domestic branches and offices) (6 programs, 160 participants)
    • Enhancement of family care measures through various initiatives, including distribution of a family care handbook based on the results of a questionnaire on the balancing of work and family care, seminars on the company's family care system (Head Office) (2 times, 57 participants) and holding of family care seminars (Head Office and domestic branches and offices) (2 times, 77 participants)
    • Enhancement of childcare support measures through various initiatives, including regular seminars on the company's childbirth and childcare systems (2 times, attended by 12 male employees and 36 female employees) and partial subsidization of babysitting costs
    • Implementation of Female Business Staff Training (Head Office, domestic branches and offices) (2 programs, 39 participants) and a Diversity Cafe (Head Office) (2 times, 22 participants) to help female employees to on take more active roles
    • Selection as a Nadeshiko Brand company by METI and the Tokyo Stock Exchange for two consecutive years, followed by selection as a Semi-Nadeshiko Brand company in FY2016
  • Promotion of various revitalization measures such as training programs targeting senior human resources (11 programs, 235 participants)
  • Promotion of employment of people with disabilities
    • Continued employment of people with disabilities, including new hires, which resulted in keeping the employment rate of people with disabilities exceeds the statutory employment rate (2.48% as of March 2017)
    • Development of the working environment for disabled employees by installing automatic doors at a special-purpose subsidiary for the employment of people with disabilities
    • Held a Seminar regarding the employees with disabilities (for Head Office and domestic affiliated companies), (Held once, there were 56 participants from 34 domestic affiliated companies)
Occupational Health, Safety and Work Environment Initiatives
Corporate & Others
  • Promotion of Health Management leading to productivity improvements through maintenance and enhancement of employee health
    • Stress checks, seminars, and training (health management when working overseas, mental health, low-carb diets, safe alcohol consumption) (total of 30 events, 873 participants)
    • Recognition as a 2017 Certified Health and Productivity Management Organization by METI
    • Establishment of the Health Promotion Committee
  • Deepening of internal communication
    • Continued holding of meetings with unions, attended by the CFO, branch and office managers, and business unit COOs, about management policies, the administration of human resources management systems, human resources development, and other topics (12 meetings)
    • Launch of new “Active Talk Wednesday” to facilitate dialogue between management and employees (Head Office) (7 sessions, approx. 1,700 participants)
    • Dialogue between the President and employees through the Kurumaza (roundtable meetings) program (30 sessions in Head Office, 6 in branches and offices; also held at overseas branches and offices in a total of 26 countries)
  • Formed of the interior design and the concept behind the floor layout for increasing productivity in the new Head Office building
  • Creation of safe, comfortable working environments
    • Implementation of security measures in Head Office and domestic branches and offices, provision of in-house services, and implementation of workplace patrols
    • In accordance with business continuity planning (BCP), continued implementation of emergency drills arranged by the Emergency Response Headquarters
  • Integration of the chain of command for safety and security measures

Sustainability Report 2017

P.61–83 “Corporate Governance & Human Resources” (PDF 921KB)

More detailed information can be found in our Sustainability Report.

Human Resources to Translate into Assets

Employees are Mitsui's most important asset. Our objective is to train and develop diverse human resources who can contribute to society, and to create an environment in which individual employees are motivated to work with vitality and achieve growth as the company grows.