Participation in Production of sugarcane derived chemicals in Brazil with The Dow Chemical Company

Jul. 20, 2011

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Mitsui & Co., Ltd. ("Mitsui") has entered into a definitive agreement with The Dow Chemical Company ("Dow") to acquire a 50% stake in Dow's 100% subsidiary Santa Vitória Açúcar e Álcool Ltda ("SVAA") and form a joint venture aimed at the production of biopolymers made from renewable, sugarcane-derived ethanol in Brazil.

Mitsui focuses on the diversification of chemical feeds from not only conventional fossil fuels such as crude oil, and natural gas but also from unconventional resources and has been promoting biomass-derived chemicals business (green chemicals business). In green chemicals business, Mitsui's goal is to contribute to industry and society by securing a stable supply of renewable resources as well as by producing low environmental impact chemicals from those resources.

Mitsui and Dow, who share a strategic business interest in biomass-derived chemicals and biopolymers in the growing Brazilian market, have reached an agreement on forming the joint venture.

Mitsui expects the joint venture to enhance further development of important opportunities in securing sugar cane based resources for Mitsui's green chemical business. Furthermore, Mitsui envisages developing biomass derived chemicals and biopolymers business through alliances with potential partners such as Dow with advanced technologies to utilize sugar cane based resources to create further value.

Through participation in SVAA, which is the second joint venture with Dow after chlor-alkali production in the US, Mitsui expects to strengthen its strategic partnership and alliance with Dow and continue to strive for new business opportunities.

Outline of SVAA

Company Name Santa Vitória Açúcar e Álcool Ltda
Location Santa Vitória, Minas Gerais, Brazil
Main Business Operation of sugarcane field, production and sales of bio-ethanol.
Production and sales of bio-ethylene, bio-polyethylene and sugarcane derived chemicals (to be expanded).
(After transaction)
Dow: 50%
Mitsui: 50%
Mitsui's Initial Investment Approx. US$200Mil

This project is expected to have only a negligible effect on the consolidated business results for the current period.

Profile of Dow

Formal Name The Dow Chemical Company
Representative Andrew Liveris, Chairman & CEO
Location of HQ Midland, Michigan, USA
Stock Exchange Listing NYSE: DOW
Employees* Approx. 49,500
Main Business Manufacturing and marketing of plastics, chemicals and agricultural products
Consolidated net sales* Approx. US$54Bil
Consolidated total asset* Approx. US$70Bil

*As of December 2010

Product Flow

Product Flow

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