Completion of Combining of UK Power Generating Assets with International Power Plc.

Jun. 21, 2007

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Further to our announcement of 29 March 2007, Mitsui & Co., Ltd. is pleased to announce the completion of combining of the ownership of UK power generating assets with International Power plc ("IPR") on 20 June 2007 (London time).

1. The outline of the combining of power generating assets is as follows;
1-1. Mitsui sold, to IPR, 5% ownership of 2 UK assets which were jointly owned through IPM Eagle between Mitsui and IPR
1-2. Mitsui purchased, from IPR, 25% ownership of 3 UK assets which were solely owned by IPR
1-3. Mitsui and IPR completed the combination of the fuel purchase and power sales companies.
1-4. IPM (UK) Power Holdings Limited was newly established between Mitsui (25%) and IPR (75%) and it acquired those UK generating assets

Outlines of 5 UK generating assets

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Name of Power
generating assets
Fuel Gross capacity
Before Completion
Saltend Gas 1200 30:70 25:75
First Hydro Pump 2088
Rugeley Coal 1050 0:100
Deeside Gas 500
Indian Queens Oil 140

* Ownership in Derwent Cogeneration Limited, held jointly by International Power and Mitsui in UK, will be unchanged as a result of this transaction.

2. The contract includes the partial transfer to IPR of the economic interest obtained from the operation of Paiton coal fired power plant in Indonesia. This transaction results in reallocation of rights between Mitsui and IPR to receive revenues from Paiton IPM interest, but does not entail any transfer of shares or any change of management structure.

3. The transaction involves the payment of 85 million Pounds (approx. 20 billion yen) to IPR, resulting in Mitsui's increase of 258 MW in generating capacity.

Previously, IPM and IPR owned generation assets individually, but with this transaction we expect to enhance the efficiency and optimize the management of the combined assets. The Company became a major power generator in the UK power market with approximately 5,000 MW of capacity, diversified into multi fuel sources and power units, with the capability to provide flexibility and variety in the operation and management. Through this arrangement, Mitsui intends to strengthen its relationship with IPR, and will endeavor to increase the value of the acquired assets.

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