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Sustainability Report

Sustainability Report 2014

You can download and view our Sustainability Report 2014 as PDF files here.

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Sustainability Report 2014

Independent Practitioner's Assurance Report

The Mitsui group receives Independent Practitioner's Assurance Report related to our environmental evaluation from the Tohmatsu Evaluation and Certification Organization.

Read our editorial policy here to learn about what Mitsui wishes to communicate to our stakeholders through our Sustainability Report, the report's scope of coverage, the period covered, and the referenced guidelines.

Mitsui's Sustainability Report will be integrated with our Annual Report. Click here to request copies of the various reports published by Mitsui, including Annual Report and Company Profile.

Please click here to give us your feedback to help us improve our CSR activities and the content of our reports.

Past Reports

CSR Report 2005

Beginning with the 2005 version, the GRI Guidelines Index has been included in the report as the GRI Guidelines and Global Compact Comparison Chart.


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