Aiming to leverage Mitsui's comprehensive business engineering capabilities to strengthen business models and create new added-value by anticipating and responding to changes in the mobility services area

Business fields

  • Logistics, manufacturing, wholesale, retail and finance, leasing and rental of passenger vehicles, commercial vehicles, motorcycles, and automotive components
  • Wholesale, retail, rental and finance of construction and mining equipment; sale of agricultural and industrial machinery (machine tools and robots, etc.)
  • Passenger and freight transportation businesses, and railway infrastructure development

Power-assist robot business (01:58)

Wearable power-assist robot suit that reduces physical burden
*ActiveLink Co., Ltd. has changed its company name to ATOUN Inc. with effect from April 1, 2017.

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Major activities

Responding to new trends in mobility services and expanding our earnings base

In the motor vehicles field, in addition to the export and import of vehicles and parts, the Integrated Transportation Systems Business Unit I has established upstream and downstream value chains across its entire operating area, which encompasses assembly and production, import and wholesale, retail sales, financing, leasing, rental and car sharing services. Our focus is to expand our business platform to serve a wide variety of customers by responding to changes in user needs, from ownership to on-demand use, and from on-demand use to shared use. Leveraging this business platform, we operate independently or together with strategic business partners to secure a stable earnings base, globalize our human resources, and establish new business platforms.

In the construction and mining equipment field, we conduct sales, aftersales service, financing, and rental operations around the globe. We have also developed a machinery sales business, for machine tools, agricultural equipment and service robots, including power-assist suits, to cope with increased demand for infrastructure all over the world.

In the rail transport field, in addition to the import and export of rolling stock, railway facilities and systems, and offshore sales, we are utilizing Japanese institutional finance and public-private partnership schemes to invest in various rail transport infrastructure projects, leasing the rolling stock in Brazil, and developing passenger and freight transportation businesses. Demand is expected to grow for rail as an environmentally-friendly logistics channel, and we aim to provide services that meet the needs of customers throughout the rail transport value chain including in-station businesses.

Key projects

  • Automobile value chain development with Toyota Group (Toyota, Hino, Daihatsu and Subaru)
  • Yamaha retail finance business (Asia); truck leasing, rental and logistics business with Penske Truck Leasing; automotive and commercial truck dealerships with Penske Automotive Group (U.S., Europe etc.)
  • Construction and mining equipment sales, aftersales service and financing business with Komatsu and others (Americas, Australia, Russia CIS, etc.); machine tools and robot sales (Americas and Asia); agricultural machinery sales with Yanmar (India, Myanmar); development and sales of power-assist suits (Japan); construction equipment rental business (Japan).
  • Passenger and freight transportation businesses, and rolling stock leasing (Brazil)


  • P.T. Bussan Auto Finance (01:58)

    Provides finance for buyers of Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd. Motorcycles throughout Indonesia