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Message from Executive Chief Representative in China

Takeshi Kanamori
Executive Chief Representative of Mitsui & Co. Ltd. in China

Takeshi Kanamori

A message from Takeshi Kanamori, who assumed the post of the Chief Representative of Mitsui & Co. Ltd. in China as of April 2016:

As you may know, China has achieved such outstanding economic growth that we can no longer speak of a global economy without making reference to China. Within China, it is likely that urbanization and other industrial and market structural changes, and further developments in inland China will continue to shift into high gear. As a result, I am positive that China's presence on the global economic stage will continue to grow, and the country will continue to enlarge its significance in the world economy. In the light of such a background, it gives me great pleasure to take on my new post in China, and I intend to capitalize on various opportunities that we will come across amidst the ongoing changes in the business environment so that we can aggressively tackle the challenges of venturing into new areas of business, all the while further strengthening Mitsui's long-standing partnership with our Chinese business clientele and other entities. In addition, it is my desire to step up our initiatives targeted at business enterprises in neighboring countries, with a particular emphasis on the Asia region and Chinese-owned business enterprises operating in the region, and to enhance our responses to and measures for, among other things, assisting Chinese companies in making forays into overseas markets.

At Mitsui, we often describe ourselves as "a company that originated in Japan and has grown globally." As I begin my new post of the Chief Representative of Mitsui & Co. in China, I am setting an initial goal of making Mitsui in China a "company that originated in Japan and has grown in China" by contributing to Chinese society in a wide range of areas, so that we can together play an active role in the world's business scene. To achieve this goal, we will act with promptness in taking actions as needed in response to changes in our surrounding environment, without being bound by preconceived notions and conventional methods, and will be committed to showing Mitsui's presence, together with our Chinese partners, in the global economy.

Thank you for your continued support.

Sincerely yours,